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Chaos Domain for PC: Soon on Steam

PC version of Chaos Domain, our hardcore run and gun action game, will be released on Steam in the next couple of days. Expect old school Contra-style mayhem, powered by Unreal Engine. Classic local co-op is available as well.

Swords & Some Magic: Debut Trailer

Screenshots: Swords & Some Magic

iPad screenshots of Swords & Some Magic.

Announcement: Swords & Some Magic

Holy Warp and Black Wing Foundation announce Swords & Some Magic: a barbarian fantasy action game that combines elements from both traditional platformers and contemporary runners.

The player is trying to reach the top floor of the Dark Tower, so the game is split into floors – levels – which serve as milestones of the journey. Currently we plan 36 intense levels in 6 different environments. The number of levels may be increased later after initial mobile release.

Swords & Some Magic features a diverse gameplay, a unique way of “line switching” when the camera changes positions and engages player into QTE sequences, giant bosses and stunning Unreal Engine-powered graphics.

Coming soon to iOS devices. Android, PC and PS Vita versions are planned.

Chaos Domain: PC Gameplay Video

PC gameplay. With co-op. Don’t forget to support us on Steam Greenlight!

Chaos Domain: New PC Screenshots

New PC screenshots of Chaos Domain.

Chaos Domain on Greenlight, PC trailer

Chaos Domain is on Steam Greenlight, and we hope the audience will help us to get greenlit and release a PC version of the game.

PC trailer of the game is available as well. We hope we’ll be able to release game during the Fall of 2013.

iOS version is currently postponed, partially because we’re considering a simultaneous release for both mobiles and a PC. Obviously, PC and mobile versions are a little different due to the specifics of the platforms.

Speed Kills v.1.2 update, improved controls

Speed Kills gets a v.1.2 update! The main thing about this is a reworked control scheme, according to the customers comments (and we’re very grateful for them). We introduced sensitivity adjustments and fixed some of the bugs to be sure that the controls will be smooth and accessible on the mobile devices.

What’s New in Version 1.2
- Improved controls.
- Controls sensitivity option added to Settings menu.
- Fixed action tap zones for the iPhones.
- Respawn issues fixed.
- Controls-related bugs fixed.
- Other minor bugs fixed.

Speed Kills v.1.1 update, optimized for iPhones

Speed Kills is updated to v.1.1, optimized for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5.
More updates are on the way, including some necessary twists in the controls scheme + respawn button.

Speed Kills hits the App Store

Speed Kills is available on the App Store for your iPads.
You can download it for free.

Speed Kills Soundtrack Available for Streaming

Speed Kills’ original soundtrack is available for everyone, so visit our SOUNDTRACKS page to to listen the streaming tracks.

Speed Kills: New Trailer & Release Date

Here’s the new trailer of Speed Kills. The game will be available in the App Store this month, February 2013. It will be free to play, so make sure to grab it.

PC version will definitely follow.

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